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What kind of Pokemon Gijinka would you like to see for sale? 

14 deviants said Banette
13 deviants said Vaporeon
5 deviants said Illumise
4 deviants said Ivysaur
3 deviants said Pidgeotto
2 deviants said Other (Comment)


Poke-Noir: Marco by SpiffyShoes
Poke-Noir: Marco
Name: Marco Traieppio (Real Name Marcia Rose Zaello)
Age: 26
Birthday: November 5th
Gender: Biologically Female but identifies as a Male
Ethnicity: Italian American

Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single  

Mafia Family: The Zeks
Alias: "Zappy"
Current Position: Caporegime

Species: Rotom 
Ability: Levitate: Ground moves do not affect Marco, He tends to float most places.
Type: Ghost/Electric

     :iconelectrictypeplz:Electro Ball Marco shoots or throws a ball of electricity
     :iconnormaltypeplz:Uproar Marco will cause loud noises, he tends to do this by possessing objects
     :iconghosttypeplz:Ominous Wind When upset Marco will tend to cause this; a ghostly wind that damages                        opponents 
     :iconghosttypeplz:Confuse Ray Marco confuses the opponent. 

      Marco is fairly quiet, being dead has made him rather agreeable....and forgetful. The poor ghost doesn't seem to recall anything from his life these days.

     Marco was born as Marcia Rose Zaello to a family of sandshrew, she had an older sister and two older brothers though her parents would have more children later on. Even in the economy Marcia's father managed to hold a decent job as a factory worker and her mother as a florist. As Marcia got older she began dressing more like a boy and less like a girl, she just claimed to feel more comfortable that way, her mother and father started to gain concern of their daughter as she couldn't cook, hadn't dated and hadn't expressed any concerns of a homemaker at her already growing age. One day as the family had been on one of their outings Marcia had come across some seedy men of one of the underground families, her curiosity had gotten the better of her as she followed them along, luckily for her they weren't on a job but they were some rather dapper gentlemen, they had a certain aire about them. On their way back home Marcia spent her time thinking about the gang they had seen, she wanted such a life, not the one she'd have later down the line but one full of danger, night clubs, it was all so nice to think about even though she was rather naive about everything. 
    Driven by these false ideas Marcia had she had even furthered her ideas of how to get to the life she wanted. One day after school Marcia's mother had come home to find brown hair littering the floor of their bathroom and Marcia dressed in her father's clothing when she asked what Marcia was doing the only reply was "It's Marco.". Fearing for their daughter Marcia was taken to the asylum, the desire to escape was so terrible that Marcia had knocked out a wall with Earthquake and made her way into the city as Marco. Marco slept under bridges as he tried to work his way into the nightclubs, he managed to make enough to eat and for some clothing by shining shoes of businessmen, A bit of luck came his way when he was pulled into the middle of a job by the Zeks, desperate to be seen as something he begged for more jobs until he was finally made a member of their ranks.

Death and After Death:
    Marco had died in a tussle with another gang over the winter; when he had awoken in the Zek's hideout, confused as to who he was or how he got there, he had taken over Violetta's radio to try and communicate with others. The ghost is pretty amazed at even simple things since all of that is new to him.
Do you want to paint a console? by SpiffyShoes
Do you want to paint a console?
I really don't know if this is getting out of hand.....probably but I mean a plain colored console is preeeeeetty boring. 

So the most recent is the Majora's Mask Nintendo64, so that's January 2015. I inherited the console from a friend in college to play Pokemon Snap and now its a little fancy too! Time was roughly 10-12 hours of work.

The Playstation 3 is just a small Rayman custom on it which was done about August 2014 Work was roughly 2-3 Hours

The Xbox 360 sports a charisma related Vault Boy, the words on the bottom read "Prepare for the Future". Work was roughly 6 Hours

The last is the Toon Link and Toon Zelda(Otherside not pictured), Link's side showing the Triforce complete with each Goddess's crest in their appropriate location on the triforce. Side not pictured includes Zelda wielding the light bow in front of the Hylian Crest and the symbols of the sages. To see not pictured side: Legend of Zelda Wii. Time roughly 12-14 Hours


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 5:53 PM
Sorry for the spam on characters I've already had folks! Just trying to update some applications before my muse explodes and disappears again. XD

Art and CSS by xlolfishx
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Upokeia Application: Marshall Inquis by SpiffyShoes
Upokeia Application: Marshall Inquis
Name: Marshall Inquis
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 6' 1"
Birthday: April 5th
"Deathday": June 4th
Pokemon: Gengar (Was once a jolteon)
Occupation: Hitman/Mercenary, works mainly with Mafia and Astarian Mafia

Ability: Levitate
Mega Stone: Not currently holding
        Persephone La Fontaine - Fiancee
        Cornett Inquis-La Fontaine - Son
        Alexander La Fontaine - Soon to be Father in law
        Guy Whitlock - Half Brother

:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Claw- Marshall's claws surround with Shadows as he slashes the enemy with them. This is signature of his Wraith form
:icondarktypeplz: Swagger- He uses his "Good looks" to confuse the enemy
:icondarktypeplz: Dark Pulse- Darkness surrounds Marshall's hands and he lets off a pulse to or on the enemy.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Pain Split- A last resort move. When Marshall's health gets really low he will use this move to even out the health of him and his enemy to try and give himself more of an edge.

Previous Moves:
:iconelectrictypeplz: ThunderBolt-Marshall has finally let go of Thunderbolt knowing he'll never be an electric type again
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball- After hurting Percy with this move, he gladly forgot it.

As a Jolteon: Marshall was born in a small desert town where there was little water and no winters. His father had left his mother shortly after her pregnancy was announced and never returned. His mother (Teresa) raised Marshall on her own by working as an escort. At a young age bandits had come to town to steal the water supply and had inadvertently taken Marshall with them when he snuck into their getaway wagon, attempting to stop them like the sheriff would have. In an attempt to escape the bandits Marshall shot one in the foot with their own gun, the bandits instead welcome Marshall to stay with them and join them so they could help him become a better marksman. He accepted their invitation, becoming one of the most dangerous shooters in the greater area. As time went on he moved from the group of bandits that took him in, eventually evolving through use of a thunderstone he dug up in the desert one night. Roaming to find a new life for himself he wound up in Upokeia.

After getting into a fight with a rival gang with Cornett by his side, he experienced a shot of karma and bad luck when his gun jammed; leaving him defenseless and open. After being shot in the heart he left Cornett with his prized gun, Maria.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Sour Food (Favorite, specially sour candies)He doesn't eat since dying
+ Guns (Well duh)
+ Thunderstorms (Makes him feel more in tune with nature) Despite not being electric anymore he still likes them
+Saturday morning cartoons (Thanks to Cornett) But tell no one
- Video Games (He finds he can spend time in more productive ways)
- Winter time (Being from the desert he prefers the heat) He can't feel temperature anymore
- People Who Ask too Many Questions (he finds them annoying)
- Alcohol (He feels it's not worth jeopardizing his shooting skills for some booze)
Upokeia Application: Gina by SpiffyShoes
Upokeia Application: Gina
Name: Gina Zanwood
Age: We dont ask these things around here.
Job: Con Artist/Informant for the Astarian Mafia
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Gengar (Shiny)
Type: Poison/Ghost
Ability: Levitate
    :iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball
    :iconpsychictypeplz: Hypnosis
    :iconpsychictypeplz: Trick Room
    :iconnormaltypeplz: Attract

Likes & Dislikes:
    +Loud Places
    +Bar Fights
    -Cry Babies
    -Other Thieves

Personality: Gina doesn't care much for other human beings, she enjoys bothering people and drinking. Earning her friendship is difficult and tedious but could be worth the gain in the end.

    Gina was originally born a clefairy in 16th century Russia. One winter she had gone out to play with her brothers and sisters only to get lost in the woods. She had wandered through the woods in the cold dark winter; by the time she was found the clefairy had frozen to death. Without any guidance to her soul she developed into a gastly and wandered the woods for many years. Hikers and hunters had become accustom to hearing the child spirit often crying in the woods though no one ever saw her. As Gina started to get older she did eventually leave the woods and traveled out to Europe where she caused havoc. Without much moral guidance the ghost was vulgar and unappealing company for anyone to keep. She's been working her way across the land 'living' to her own accords.

Since Moving to Upokeia
    Gina was able to join the Astarian Mafia as an informant after showing her skills to Alex La Fontaine, showing her ability to find out everything from even the most secretive crime lords. Gina made her way to Upokeia with an apartment provided by the mafia she was working with though she considers herself to work for only her. Gina was able to get a gengarite stone off of Marshall Inquis which was later revealed to originally had been her mega stone. 

-App is placement art for now, will be updated soon-



Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 5:53 PM
Sorry for the spam on characters I've already had folks! Just trying to update some applications before my muse explodes and disappears again. XD

Art and CSS by xlolfishx
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